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The most important change you can make your 4 most popular webpages

February 14, 2022

Elena Venieri

In this article I will guide you through the 4 most popular and trafficked pages of your website and for each one we will see the main tip to improve it. If you are short on time and budget these are the things I would suggest! It’s hard to pick just one because a website redesign should be an organic thing, but these are really the most important and easiest things to fix. These changes will definitely have a positive impact on your website conversions in no time. 

We will talk about your home page, the information page, the contact page and the services page that you offer.


Every website has a homepage, and depending on what you do in your business, this page will look completely different. But one thing that is always present is the words you use at the top of the page, in the above-the-line. This is the first thing someone will read when they land on your website.

These words are crucial to grab the user’s attention and determine whether someone stays on your site and decides to scroll down or leaves because they are bored or confused. Normally these few words are called “brand statements“. They can tell your potential customers whether they are in the right place or not and whether they can make an instant connection or send them away with a click.

If you are looking for tips to improve your website, taking a look at your brand statement is the first step.


Similar to the home page, each information page looks different depending on your business and what you want from it. 

Some people want really long pages that share their story about how their business started. Others may want fun quizzes and ways to show information about themselves to create a point of connection. 

I prefer the short and engaging version, but there is really nothing wrong with deciding you want to have a long and detailed about page.

So what can we say that matters most?

The photos!

Allow users to land on this page and see a smiling face (or faces if you’re showing a team of people). If you’re a brick and mortar or product company, show pictures of that too. It could also be the inside of the restaurant or the products you sell. 

Most importantly, show some faces! Allow people to look you in the eye with at least one image looking at the camera so they can connect with you.

Brand photography is something that small business owners often wait too long to budget for, because it can seem daunting and expensive when you’re not making money yet. If you can afford it, go for a paid photoshoot! Having professional images for your website really does make a big difference, believe it or not, and can help you improve your website simply by replacing your phone photos with professional ones.

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Services/products page

This page also varies greatly from one company to another. Some great tips to keep in mind for your services page, regardless of the business:

keep 3 key questions in mind. What is it? What does it do? Why would it be useful to me?

Focus on what can be useful for the potential customer, not what it is.

I think the most essential element to improve your website is when and how you talk about price. If it’s a service, it makes sense for this information to be displayed later in the page, after you’ve shared some of the “what it does for them” information with them. 

The price section should not be hidden in a paragraph, but prominently displayed with a different graphic from the rest of the content!

Decide with intention what you want to do. For example, is it an exact price for each package, an interval or a starting price? After the price, make sure there is a call-to-action to give the opportunity to make a quick and easy next step and not lose users along the funnel to become customers.

Contact page

It’s hard for me to pick one thing that’s unique to this page because it’s a core page that should be standardised as much as possible across the board.

But one thing that is a must have is an email address where users can contact you.

The second choice is a well thought out contact form. Sometimes you include the form, but omit the email address. The email address is important so that all people can contact you, regardless of why they are contacting you.

When you only have a contact form, you are limiting the people who contact you to only what questions are on the form. An email allows ALL OPTIONS! They can email you to speak at an event, ask you to participate in a podcast, or offer to give you a free product to post about. If your contact form only offers them the option of “when is the date of your next trip?” That’s limiting!

But in reality both the form and the email are both important.

These are the main tips on these 4 pages, which are fundamental for any business website. There’s a lot more to these pages, but if you’re thinking “hey, I’m interested in improving my website, but I don’t know where to start”, this is the place to start!

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