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Elevating Visit Qatar's Award-Winning Website

An Enhanced User Experience

Elena | 23-Oct-2023




Tourism and Travel


User Experience design


UI designer, Functional Analyst, Project Managers, Team by Emakina

The goal

Here, I will take you through our project aimed at elevating the user experience for Visit Qatar’s website, a platform that garnered significant recognition, including a Bronze Award for its Visit Qatar Mobile Application at the Digital Communication Awards 2022 and the prestigious Adobe Experience Maker Award 2022 in “The Orchestrator” category for outstanding customer journey orchestration across different channels, locations, languages, and platforms.

Our primary objective was to revamp the Visit Qatar website, building upon its previous accolades and recognizing the need to offer a seamless, informative, and visually appealing experience for users. This project encompassed various facets, including improved navigation, the creation of reusable design components, the development of engaging campaign pages, SEO optimization of content, the redesign of the website map, and enhancing the user profile experience.


The project began with a thorough discovery phase where I helped conduct in-depth user research, including surveys, interviews, and analytics analysis. By gaining a deep understanding of the target audience’s needs and expectations, we were able to identify pain points and opportunities for improvement. Benchmarking against other tourism websites helped us understand best practices in the industry and set our project goals.


In the design phase, I leveraged the insights from the discovery phase to create wireframes that streamlined the website’s navigation, ensuring a seamless user journey. I also helped the UI design team to keep user experience at the hightest standard,¬† developing¬† a comprehensive design system with reusable components, providing a consistent and visually appealing user interface. Campaign pages were designed to be engaging and informative, with a strong call-to-action. Content was optimized for SEO, improving the website’s search engine ranking. The website map was restructured to enhance user exploration, and the user profile experience was revamped to make it more personalized and efficient.

This project showcases how a thoughtful approach to user experience and design can greatly enhance a website’s functionality, ultimately leading to a more enjoyable and informative experience for visitors.

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