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Seeds sales 2.0

Unlocking the Potential of Seed Sales in a Digital Age

Elena | 2023






User experience designer


Functional Analyst, Project Managers, Software architect, Team by EPAM

The challange

The agricultural world thrives on tradition, but even seeds need a digital upgrade. Corteva, a leading U.S. seed producer, was expanding globally. However, their existing seed ordering process was clunky and manual, frustrating both sales reps and farmers.

The goal

As part of the EPAM team, I, the UX/UI designer, embarked on a mission to transform this cumbersome system into a user-friendly digital experience.

Unearthing the problem

Sales reps and farmers were drowning in a sea of paperwork. Finding essential information and placing orders took an agonizing amount of time.

This frustration led to high abandonment rates and hindered Corteva’s global reach. We needed a solution that fostered both efficiency and the vital personal relationships between farmers and reps.

User-friendly interface

Intuitive navigation and easy-to-use features minimized the learning curve for all users.

Tailored functionalities
Streamlined order process
Multilingual support

Language selection options empowered users to interact in their preferred language.

The process


Embarking on the journey, our goal was to revolutionize Corteva’s traditional seed sales model while preserving the essence of personal relationships between Sales Representatives and farmers. Through user interviews, immersive user flows, and scenario mapping, we delved deep into understanding the intricacies of their manual order process.

user flows


Transitioning from insights to action, I took charge of envisioning a seamless digital portal. Wireframes, mockups, and prototypes became my tools for a transformed workflow. The focal point was maintaining a user-friendly interface while bridging the gap between various stakeholders. In the first MVP the focus was on the distributor as the main user of the web-based software.


Our initial test took root in Germany, a nation known for its meticulous approach to agriculture. The client’s positive response fueled our efforts to translate user flows and wireframes for other countries like France, Spain, and the United States. Recognizing the cultural nuances, each portal design is tailored to resonate with the unique operational styles of different regions.

My takeways

In a industry where tradition meets innovation, the Corteva Digital Transformation project stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of personal connection and technological advancement. As a UX designer, I’m proud to have played a role in cultivating a digital landscape that redefines the future of seed sales.

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