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Website UX audit

Navigating Waters, Enhancing Experiences with MSC cruise

Elena | 2-Dec-2023


Sep 2023


Turism, e-commerce


UX designer


Account manager, strategist designer, Team by EPAM

The goal

Embarking on the digital voyage with MSC Cruise, I undertook a comprehensive usability audit of their global cruise platform. The aim was to chart a course towards an enhanced user experience, ensuring smooth navigation and seamless interactions in the website for cruise enthusiasts worldwide.

The process


The initial phase involved immersing myself in the world of MSC Cruise users. Crafting three distinct personas and mapping out their user journeys provided a compass for understanding the diverse needs and expectations of potential cruisers. By employing Nielsen’s heuristics, I delved into the existing website, dissecting key pages and interaction flows to unearth opportunities for improvement.

personas and user journeys


With a clear understanding of user pain points, I set sail into the design phase. This involved proposing practical solutions and quick wins that could be implemented with minimal effort. The focus was on enhancing the user interface, with particular attention to a streamlined search bar and other immediate fixes. Additionally, I outlined medium-term improvements, including a user-friendly wizard for cruise booking and an enriched page for reserving onboard experiences.


The highlight of the project manifested in a comprehensive report outlining actionable insights. Quick wins were presented as low-hanging fruits, ready to be plucked for an instant impact. The medium-term improvements laid the groundwork for a more immersive and user-friendly digital cruise booking experience. As the MSC Cruise website undergoes these enhancements, it is poised to offer not just journeys across oceans but an unparalleled digital adventure for users navigating the online seas.

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