Elena Venieri Portfolio

Diastasi Recti

3 women are dancing and looking themselves in the mirror

Diastasis Guts is a comprehensive resource for individuals seeking information about diastasis recti, a common abdominal muscle separation. Our website provides easy-to-understand content, covering everything from the causes and symptoms of diastasis recti to treatment options and lifestyle management strategies.

MSC Cruise audit


An audit about UX for the website of CMS cruise. How to explore and prioritise quick wins and mid-term improvements?


A global company, whose value lies in the connection between employee and customer, with the scope to bring the its business into digital age.

Visit Qatar

The rebranding of the website to give the user a taste of the delights of visiting Qatar and all its hidden gems, with a focus on usability.

Aviat website

I had the pleasure of leading the communication revamp of Aviat, a non-profit that helps the people of Togo redeem themselves and for medical care. An attractive, updated and multilingual website.

Antreem website

Projects. The customers were my bosses and this is the company website. It is always difficult to design for yourself because you aim for perfection. The aim was to express the company mood: attention to the person, a young and dynamic company, straightforward content.

Rekeep, a design system that stands

Where the effective and trouble-free work of employees is the priority. Usability, flows and design system are mixed together for a great result.

Cefla, a diagnostic app

An app to integrate system diagnostic, customer care, certificate of installation provision, manual/faq area. In the medical industry.

Wiki tourist app

A bold and consistent identity to discover little towns in Italy

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